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Lift The Mask is a volunteer-run organization that provides a platform for goalies and coaches to become active mental health advocates through the game of hockey. No matter who you are or where you come from, there's a role for you to play and a bunch of exciting ways you can help improve someone's life.

Below we've shared some of our key projects and central themes when it comes to advocating for mental health and raising awareness within the hockey community (and beyond). These themes are open to interpretation and are made to act as idea generators and motivators as you begin to spread the word. As always, if you have questions, reach out at any time.



There is great power behind the metaphor of a goalie lifting the mask. By sharing images like this one on social media with the #LiftTheMask hashtag, you are already making a huge difference as an advocate in your area.



One of the easiest ways to advocate for mental health in goaltending is by rocking a helmet sticker on your mask. They fit perfectly on any back plate and can be snagged on our web store! 



When you look at this goalie, who do you see? Do you see an enemy and adversary? Or do you see a companion and comrade? Mentoring younger goalies on how to respect others and the game is a key part of Advocacy. 



Stories of triumph not only connect us to each other, they give us strength to open up. They are central to our program, as we rely heavily on oral tradition and real-world examples to explain the power of lifting the mask.



Speaking publicly about your mental health is never easy, especially when many people are still out of touch. But by talking openly about these topics, you are eliminating the stigmas surrounding hockey culture.

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