Lift The Mask is like the bridge that connects anyone in the goalie community to a collection of mental health and performance resources. From Mental Skills Coaches to Sports Psychologists and professional Providers, we created a simple platform where anyone can find the right type of support. Whether you are looking to improve your mindset as an athlete or you are dealing with something else on the mental health spectrum, we are here to help you take that all-important first step.

In order to help you understand what type of people provide mental health and performance support, we broke them down into four different categories:

If you are interested in connecting with someone, please note that every professional and individual is going to offer things a little differently. Some people will fall into multiple categories while others might have specialized skills and services that don't fall into any one specific category. Others still might even fall into all four. With that in mind, we ask that you take the time to do your homework and complete any assessments that may provide you with more information on the type of professional you are contacting.

If you're ready to connect with someone and choose to go through our website, we have two options:

1. Fill out and submit the anonymous Reach Out form

2. Contact an Ambassador, Coach, Consultant, or Provider  

If you are still unsure of how to move forward, we've shared a very handy How it Works article that sheds more light on what to expect when reaching out for mental health care. To further clarify the type of support you can receive from the above individuals, we've provided more context and information below.


Ambassadors are pro goalies and coaches with current or previous playing experience.


Coaches are specialized mental skills coaches, goalie mentors, athletic directors, or advisors.


Consultants are graduate students training to become licensed sports psychologists.


Providers are licensed sports psychologists, therapists, and mental health professionals.



Ambassadors are advocates that have experienced the highs and lows of goaltending. They are recognized as leaders and mentors for younger goalies and can offer valuable real-world insights on the pressures associated with hockey. Since they understand what it truly means to be a goalie, they are a great "first step" when it comes to lifting the mask. If you're struggling or feel like something is bothering you, our Ambassadors are always there to lean on.

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Consultants, also known as CMPC's, are working towards higher credentials and are gaining valuable experience by offering their services to different organizations, communities, and athletes. They are qualified to help you with both the performance and well-being sides of mental health. More importantly, they are trained to recognize when an issue might be more aligned with a mental health and able to recommend next steps or providers.

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Coaches are able to help you with the mental performance side of goaltending. Some goalie coaches have additional credentials depending on their formal training and have developed a deep understanding for the goalie's mental game. Beyond pro goalie coaches, there are also different types of Mental Skills coaches. These individuals can provide a wide spectrum of professional services related to the sport performance side of mental health and wellness.



Providers account for the highest order of mental health care and sports psychology. They have state certifications and licenses to diagnose and treat mental health issues and disorders. Lift The Mask offers individual goalies seeking help from a professional Provider with a $100 voucher in order to help eliminate some of the financial barriers associated with mental health. Providers can also be researched through a number of online directories.