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In order to promote the well being of goaltenders and to ensure our mission is being upheld, we ask that all friends, advocates, and potential Ambassadors sign our pledge. This simple testament of your support helps raise awareness for our initiative and helps promote a healthy and respectful culture.

Once you have signed the pledge and submitted the form below, you will receive an email confirming your contact information. From there, you can click to download a .zip folder of our digital badges, which you are free to use on your own website or social media platforms.

If you would like to get more involved in our organization or would like to share our pledge with other organizations, please contact us directly at today!


I pledge to lift the mask by helping goalies that may be struggling with their mental health or performance.


I pledge to be a role model to younger goalies by treating others with respect, compassion, and empathy.


I pledge to be there for my goalie partners and to support them at all times, even when I'm not playing.


I pledge to speak up and tell someone if I may have suffered a concussion or any type of head injury.


I pledge to speak out against racism, hazing, or any other toxic behaviors that may harm a goalie or player.


I pledge to learn more about my own mental health and to let other goalies know that "It's okay to not be okay."


Submit this form to earn your supporter badge.

By signing our Pledge, you are agreeing to join Lift The Mask as a website subscriber. That means all of your contact information will remain private and not be sold to third-party companies.

Lift The Mask digital badges are copyright by The Goalie Guild under a creative commons license. Please respect our work and do not use logos for any fundraising or charitable events without our written consent or permission! 

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