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Lift The Mask

Written by Justin Goldman for:

For the past 24 years of my life, I’ve been wearing a mask.

​Not just any old flimsy mask, either. No, this is a true military grade bulletproof battle helmet, complete with a stainless steel cage, high-density foam padding, and some screws to hold it all together. It’s even custom molded to better protect, perform, and intimidate.

So what exactly is this piece of armor, you ask?


It’s none other than the iconic goalie mask.

Every day, thousands of brothers and sisters around the world join me as we put on this mask and engage in a fierce battle known as the game of hockey. With unwavering passion, we uphold our sworn duty as the team’s last line of defense by placing ourselves directly in harm’s way. We willingly sacrifice our body and endure countless bruises, cuts, and injuries all while being the difference between winning and losing. In the blink of an eye, one mistake can turn a superhero into a scapegoat.


This is no simple task, but someone has to do it, and therein lies both the danger and the glory of the goaltending position.

Meanwhile, underneath the mask, there’s another battle raging:


The one inside our minds.

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